Stillpoint Yoga

The primary emphasis in yoga is on training the mind to focus and relax the body, thereby releasing your flow of vital energy. There are two primary types of yoga that are helpful for people recovering from trauma.

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Restorative or therapeutic yoga

Gentle yoga stretches can help release trauma from the body. Swami Veda Bharati teaches a meditative form called pranavidya yoga. We work systematically through the body, stretching and relaxing from head to toes. Focus on the smooth, even flow of breath helps us maintain awareness to stabilize and calm the fluctuations of the mind throughout the practice.  In the Himalayan Tradition, a basic sequence of Joints and Glands are suitable for all levels of physical capability. Always study with a qualified teacher.

Strengthening yoga

With the body thoroughly relax and the breath flowing smoothly, we move naturally into strengthening poses. Standing poses like the Warrior build strength and confidence. The Tree pose helps us stay strong and balanced. Always study with a qualified teacher.