Meditation is a method of exploring the inner dimensions of life and to introduce you to yourself on all levels. We train the mind to let go of its tendencies to think, analyze, remember or solve problems and to relax into a clear, quiet, focus within.

Caution: people experiencing depression or PTSD will benefit from yoga practice and guided shorter meditations at the start as the brain heals. Please do not sit for long periods without a focus or guidance.

One way to focus the mind is to follow the flow of breath in the nostrils. As you inhale, allow the sound ‘so’ to arise in the mind and follow the in breath. As you exhale, listen to the sound ‘ham’ (pronounced hum) smoothly follow the out breath. Let the breath and the sound be unbroken and smooth.

There are special mantras that some people use for healing. Maha-mritunjaya mantra is one example.

Guided meditations are an option for when the mind is too distracted or unsettled to focus. Yoga is a great practice to heal the body and mind and prepare for meditation.

2 minute meditations can be done anywhere. Simply follow the flow of the breath in the nostrils for two minutes and use this awareness to focus your mind.

Through meditation, we can experience, at least at times, the vast, silent, still and peaceful mind that is untouched by trauma. This part of the mind heals the whole.